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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your prices?
    I offer three options for aftercare, which correlates to the cost of your appointment. At-home burial - $300 Cremation without ashes returned (group) - $400 Cremation with ashes returned (individual) - $600 There is a $50 emergency fee for weekend and evening appointments, which are available on a case-by-case basis. There is also an additional charge for pets over 100 pounds, to accommodate the increased cost of medications required. These costs include all travel and transport, our time together, your pet's medications, cremation and urn if desired, and as many clay paw prints, fur clippings, and other remembrances as you would like. At this time, Rewilding is accepting payment in the form of cash, check, and Venmo.
  • Do you travel to my location?
    My travel radius is restricted to one hour from Apex, North Carolina. In some cases, further appointments can be arranged but additional fees may apply. We can discuss this when we speak together. If your appointment is greater than 20 minutes outside of Apex and you elect for private cremation, I'll arrange for your pet's ashes to either be picked up at a specified veterinary hospital or mailed home.
  • What is the process of euthanasia?
    Every pet, appointment, and process is a little different. Here's a general overview of how appointments go. I'll text you when I'm on my way for our appointment. Please allow 15 minutes before or after our designated arrival time, as traffic and other troubles can occur without warning. Once I get there, I request that everyone be wearing a mask and I'll do the same. Please keep the number of people at our appointment limited to immediate family. After we sign some paperwork and finish payment, we can focus on your pet for the rest of the appointment. I'll give your pet an injection under their skin, which contains a dissociative (to help ensure they are not scared or anxious, and are unaware of what's happening) as well as a strong pain medication. After I give this injection, I'll step out so you can love on them without your mask on. This takes about five minutes to work. When your pet is relaxed and sleepy, I'll come back in and give them the second injection. This is the final one, and the one that will ultimately help her transition away from us. I'll be with you the entire time, to talk you through any of the normal physiologic changes we see as they leave us. You can have as much time with with your pet as you want. I can even come back and pick them up if needed if you are electing for cremation. I'll bring a soft stretcher, but if your pet is a larger dog (>40 pounds) I will need help bringing them to my car. I travel with a soft bed and blankets for the trip for them.
  • Does this hurt my pet?
    The multiple-step process is designed to help your pet transition in the most peaceful, fear-free way possible. Some pets may be aware of their initial sedative injection, which is given very slowly and under the skin. Pets and love, as well as tasty treats if your pet has any appetite, can really help! This injection is over quickly and they won't remember it. Once the sedative is administered, your pet becomes comfortable, relaxed, and pain-free as they get sleepy. Even if your pet takes their time leaving us, it's important to remember that these medications are anesthetics. As they work, your pet becomes more and more relaxed and falls into a deeper sedated state. I do everything in my power to keep the process as peaceful as possible.
  • How do I know when it's time?
    Check our resources tab, or call or email for a free consultation about your pet's quality of life. These assessments are made without the benefit of an exam, and should not replace a visit to your pet's primary veterinarian.
  • Do you do (vaccines, spay/neuter, palliative care, etc.)?"
    No. At this time, Rewilding is exclusively providing in-home pet euthanasia. If needed, I am happy to provide a referral for any of the excellent local mobile and brick-and-mortar practices that provide these additional services.
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